St. Martin Houses

St. Martin has served as a refuge and second home for individuals and businesses across the world. It is no wonder therefore that St. Martin houses and homes in St. Martin are in high demand and have led to the success experienced in the real estate and tourism sectors as evidenced today.

As a leading destination in the Caribbean and the world by extension, St. Martin’s diverse cultural background and ability to provide St. Martin homes for an extensive cosmopolitan population both locally and abroad makes the island a top country for retirement, tourist destination and business hub in its own right, way more advanced than many other islands in the world. St. Martin homes are thus built and designed with the international public in mind.

St. Martin houses are strewn over the island which is laden with several white sand beaches and bays that are easily accessible and give spectacular views of neighboring islands. St. Martin homes that are built directly on the beach are the perfect solution for memorable vacations and escapes from regular routines and refuge following weeks and months of stress and hard labour. Whether rented for vacation or business, a home in St. Martin is sure to suit its tenant’s wishes, by providing all the necessary amenities for entertainment, relaxation and indoor cooking if not desirous of going out indoors and preparing a home cooked meal. Such is made possible by a St. Martin home with the right amenities, to include equipped kitchens with toaster, microwave, coffee maker, refrigerator, cutlery, pots, and electric stove top and or gas stove. Some St, Martin homes may provide a washer while on island, or private maid services are made available for cleaning and laundry.

With regard to pricing for St. Martin home sales, prices vary. In Terres Basses, for example, a five bedroom two level villa, refurbished in 2008, with private pool, and offers a spectacular view of Anguilla and the Baie Rouge, equipped with laundry room, washer and dryer, refrigerator bar, outdoor grill and stove (among other furnishings) may cost in the range of about USD 4,900,000. On the contrary, a St. Martin home, comprising a two storey villa at Orient Bay (East Bay) with three bedrooms (two downstairs and one downstairs), one bath, with a view of St. Barths may cost about Euro 337,000. Likewise, a St. Martin home with two levels, and of about 130 square meters, and situated roughly twenty meters away from Orient Beach, including three bathrooms, three bathrooms, two terraces, garden, parking space and common pool may be valued at about Euro 500,000. This St. Martin house, with its amenities and location has the potential of generating a weekly renal of about USD 1,300 weekly. All of the St. Martin houses given in these examples are furnished.

If not already included at time of purchase, many St. Martin homes have the potential of adding a swimming pool (private, separate residences) and generating income from rent. Certain St. Martin houses that are high end villas, valued at over USD 4 million also have the potential of generating at least Euros or USD 30,000 per week if let out for rent or lease as a vacation rental or otherwise.

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