St. Maarten Villas

Villas in St. Maarten can be acquired in more than more way, to mention, by lease, timeshare, rent and purchase. St. Maarten villas have earned world acclaim because of their quality, extravagance and more so, because of the beauty of St. Maarten, which is known for its beaches and flawless tropical climate.

St. Maarten villa investments have proven to be a lucrative business for the island, on the individual and corporate as well as o on the national level, simply because of the number of people for whom jobs are created. For example, in the construction process alone of a St. Maarten villa, painters, architects, land surveyors, lawyers, plumbers, landscapers and carpenters are employed, whilst afterward, housekeepers and children day care services are able to earn an income. In the tourist industry, St. Maarten villas provide diverse accommodations for visitors during their stay on the island, in addition to the hotels and resorts that exist.

Proprietors of villas in St. Maarten who wish to generate an income from their villas, may make the villa St. Maarten available for rent or lease at certain seasons (peak tourist season) during the year and earn anywhere from at least USD1, 200 weekly for moderately sized and furnished St. Maarten villas, whereas, very sophisticated and larger villas St. Maarten with three, four or more bedrooms and baths may generate as much as USD 10,000 to USD 25,000 or more on a weekly basis.

Villas in St. Maarten thus respond to a wide range of budget needs, which can be enhanced, if tenants who are working on a moderate budget are able to use to their advantage by making use of indoor kitchen facilities to prepare homemade meals rather than going out to restaurants to have meals. Partly because of this, and due to the fact that the real estate market for St. Maarten villas is so competitive, discounts and specials are available throughout the year. These specials for villas in St. Maarten may be offered in collaboration with airlines, travel agencies, credit card companies and by the proprietors of the St. Maarten villa. In many instances, families staying at St. Maarten villas are provided with free accommodation for one or two children or for children below a certain age. Also, if the guests remain at the St. Maarten villa for a specific amount of time, visitors are treated to free nights.

Normally, most guests visitors intending to stay at a St. Maarten villa are required to make a 30% to 50% deposit while booking or by a specific amount of time after making a booking at the villa in St. Maarten. If accommodation is not paid in full online or by wire transfer, guests are expected to pay the balance upon arrival at the St. Maarten. This is to ensure that all services are paid for before settling in at the villa St. Maarten and to avoid any unnecessary conflict.

St. Maarten villas overlooking the ocean, mariners, resorts and other spectacular sights are highly appreciated, and in addition to skies that are blue all year round and calm turquoise coasts. St. Maarten villas are the ideal pick for the perfect escape to a tropical isle.

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