St. Maarten Land

In spite of the numerous residential areas and real estate projects that exist in St. Maarten, there is still a relatively large amount of land available for development. These properties are located in different parts of the island, ranging from rural areas to less inhabited and urban areas on hillsides which offer fantastic views of the ocean, or on waterfronts providing access to lagoons, docks or beaches. St. Maarten land offers many opportunities for building a home, developing commercial property and residential areas.

St. Maarten land is continuously being developed in different real estate projects around the island, to make more properties available to local and foreign residents and investors alike, as the demand for St. Maarten land remains constant. Land in St. Maarten is available for sale from different realtors and private individuals that are engaged in real estate.

Because of the features of St. Maarten, in terms of the island’s social stability, economic development, investor friendliness and political stability and large pool of multilingual professionals, the purchase of St. Maarten land is widespread due to the construction of resorts, hotels, casinos and luxury homes.

St. Maarten land is priced accordingly based on differing factors. At Dawn Beach, for example, not too far away from the Captain Oliver Marina, St. Maarten land of a size of about 1986 square meters with potential for a house of anywhere between 200 and 900 square meters, with access to the beach could cost anywhere between USD850,000 and USD 2 million. At Guana Bay, St. Maarten land divided in lots that provide a view of the ocean and occupies an area of about 4,000 square meters may go at USD 450,000. On the other hand, at Almond Grove, St. Maarten land in a gated, view of the ocean and with a size of 1087 and 1627 square miles may cost about USD290,500 and USD345,500 respectively. In Ebenerzer View, a lot of 210 square meter may cost approximately USD 78,000, whilst St. Maarten land on the LB Scott Road, which is flat and has an area o about 523 square feet may cost about USD 85,000. St. Maarten land at Prima Vista Estate where a new residential area with lots of about 1300 square meters where quality villas and homes can be built cost about USD145,000. This residential area where St. Maarten land is being developed for the construction of new houses would typically be gated and contain a guardhouse.

St. Maarten land is generally arid and flat, allowing for the construction of a wide range of residences, entertainment and sports centers, resorts, hotels, villas and condos. Despite the investor friendliness of the St. Maarten authorities with regard to the sale and lease of St. Maarten land, there are strict regulations that ensure that St. Maarten land is sold according to legal requirements. Land in St. Maarten is such that properties can be beautifully landscaped to uplift the overall surroundings and ambience of the property.

Land in St. Maarten presents a lot possibilities and means having your own share of paradise.

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