St. Maarten Homes

St. Maarten homes feature numerous villas and condos that promise a life of comfort and stability. Most homes in St. Maarten on the real estate market that are already furnished are done so tastefully, and provide all necessary amenities to ensure that the product is immediately appreciated for its cost.

St. Maarten homes are located across the island, giving a variety of landscapes that can be chosen from when deciding to rent, lease or purchase a house in St. Maarten. The island is relatively safe and well developed, therefore making quite a number of optional locations available to the potential buyer or tenant of a St. Maarten house.

The professionals, such as lawyers, engineers and architects and of St. Maarten houses come from far and wide, and because of St. Maarten’s Dutch background, most professionals are trained under to the French and or European systems. This means that international buyers, especially those from Europe, are given the additional reassurance that the St. Maarten home that they are about to buy are built according to international building codes and standards, and that the legal proceedings for acquiring St. Maarten homes are the same as those in France and other European countries. Also, documents and services can be obtained and offered in French (because of the closeness of St. Martin), Dutch or in English, which is widely spoken in St. Maarten. Having said this, this sense of reassurance is just sufficient for any potential buyer of a St. Maarten home, knowing that the system is the same as back home and is immediately understood and can be integrated into despite being in the Caribbean or other territory. Very strong regulations exist for the rental, lease or purchase of St. Maarten houses in spite of the investor friendly environment that exists in St. Maarten.

St. Maarten home prices vary accordingly, with price ranges that rely on various factors like the amenities, features, location, design and size of the house in St. Maarten. For example, a St. Maarten house built in 2000 with a size of 3600 square meters, two bedrooms and two and a half baths, fully landscaped, worth cable, electric and manual storm shutters in the Oyster Pond area (overlooking hill) may cost about USD 870,000, whereas another St. Maarten home of 162 square meters in Oyster Pond (overlooking hill as well), built in 2007, with two bedrooms and two baths, fenced yard and common swimming pool may cost about USD 350,000 because of its size (only 162 square meters). Additionally, for USD 2 million St. Maarten home, a potential buyer would be looking at living at Dawn Beach Estate, which is one of the most highly sought gated neighborhoods, closeness to the beach, four bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, garage, a house size of 5,500 square feet, with already installed cable, twenty four hour security guard, high speed internet, ocean view, stove and microwave and swimming pool. Other areas in where remarkable St. Maarten homes can be found include Pointe Blanche, Cole Bay, Simpson Bay, Cupecoy, Pointe Pirouette and Guana Bay. These may include a series of private St. Maarten houses, villas or condos.

For reliable assistance if residing overseas ad wishing to buy a St. Maarten home, real estate agencies can be contacted online, by telephone or via their websites on live chat.

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