St. Maarten Apartments

Simply because of the heavy flow of tourists and businessmen that St. Maarten has on a regular basis, making apartments and rentals available is almost a normal part of life just as it is a viable business and important income generator for the economy of St. Maarten. St. Maarten is a leading tourist destination in the Caribbean and to support this image of the island, vacation rentals and St. Maarten apartments are a significant segment of St. Maarten real estate.

St. Maarten apartments are featured in a variety of accommodation styles, made available by private individuals, St. Maarten real estate agencies, hotels and resorts. This means that St. Maarten apartments may be designed as private condos within a hotel setting, regular or gated communities and complexes or are put out on rent by private individuals. Whilst these St. Maarten apartments may be offered as single buildings, apartments may be presented as single units within a multi storey building in which separate St. Maarten apartments are housed.

Locations for St. Maarten apartments vary as well, as this part of the island features different landscapes, which range from hillsides and cliffs, to beachfronts and flat land. Depending on where a visitor wishes to stay, an apartment can be located in areas with any of these landscapes of choice where St. Maarten apartments are available. Beachfront properties are very popular, both for the view of the turquoise ocean, white sand beach and general ambiance of rest and relaxation that is created with such environments. Despite the wide range of St. Maarten apartments that are rented out to visitors to the island, local residents have a number of apartments to choose from.

St. Maarten apartments are thus available on rent on a monthly basis or for long term occupancy, lease agreements can be concluded. Special rates are usually available for visitors who stay on island for just a few days or weeks, while other rates may apply for local residents. But this does not mean that the price for a St. Maarten apartment rental is going to be changed simply because of the occupant is nonresident. Instead, the nonresident is capable o benefitting from affordable rates if the St. Maarten apartment rental rate is fixed and may be just divided and estimated by the number of days that the visitor intends to stay.

In addition to St. Maarten apartments for rent, there are a number of apartments that are also available for sale. Anyone who is looking at getting involved in real estate in St. Maarten may opt to buy an apartment or apartment building rather than going through the hassle of designing and building apartments. This makes it possible for a nonresident to either know that he or she has an established apartment in St. Maarten as a place of residence during his or her stay on the island or, the apartments may be put on rent to generate income as an offshore investment if living overseas or if a local resident as another source of reliable income on island.

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